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Price Labeling Gun

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Brand: Jolly

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The Price Labeling Gun

  • Fast and efficient: Smooth trigger, clean and solid tagging action the price sticker pops out smoothly and fast without stuck. This is a high-quality professional price label for various shops or warehouses.
  • The available figures are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. The available symbols are $, €, £, ¥, -, X, ฿, ₪, ₱, HK, R, RS, RP, RM, R $, TX, BD, SR, EA,%, FOR, and blank, etc. It almost has a full range of prices and symbols, which satisfy your different needs.
  • This Price Labeling Gun can print up to 8 digits on a line. It can print only 1 currency unit and up to 7 numbers at a time. Support 13 monetary units. The numbers and symbols can be changed by rotating the black handle on the side.
  • Compact and light, simple and easy to use. It is really smooth and fast to use, can save much time for your thriving commercial business.
  • Solid and beautiful design. Smooth and accurate operation. Don’t need installation, easy to use. Quickly out of the label paper.
  • The Price Labeling Gun is perfect for home office or small business or retail store use. Stylish & Durable design. Easily visible numbers and signs for accuracy when making multiple price labels. Modern design is well balanced for repetitive use.
  • Pricing just got easier! Clear print, clean, tamper-resistant labels for prices, inventory or department codes, and more.
  • Price tag gun with labels for unit pricing and case pricing. They have a single-line printout, making it fast, simple, and easy to read. A simple click and a price tag is released.
  • With a simple squeeze of the trigger, the sprocket grasps a label and advances it. The print head is then brought into contact with the ink roller creating a perfect imprint against the label. Price tag gun for office, retail shop, grocery store, small business organization marking and used to print price, discount price, product code.

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