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FIS Steel Ruler

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The FIS Steel Ruler

  • The FIS Steel Ruler is designed in both imperial and metric sizes, with clear and accurate scales that are easy to read and navigate; It can easily measure objects up to 12 inches or 30 centimeters long and easily draw straight lines.
  • Made of premium steel, strong and durable, can not be damaged easily.
  • Super Strong: They are much stronger than others.
  • A useful measuring tool is perfect for children and adults, students, teachers, engineers, carpenters, craftsmen, and can be used in offices, schools, homes, and workshops.
  • Marking etched by high precision process and easy to read.
  • Durable and sturdy: The straight ruler is made of high-quality stainless steel, non-bendable, sturdy, and durable; The metal ruler with smooth, burr-free edges is safe even for children
  • Steel Rulers with a hanging hole make it easy to store the ruler away after each use, leaving your desk clean and tidy.
  • The FIS Steel Ruler is a 2 side measuring ruler: dual side measuring ruler, centimeter-scale is on one edge of the ruler and inch scale is on the other edge; Can meet your different measuring needs.
  • Standard size, easy to see underlined annotations, suitable for drawing columns or checking layout.
  • Ensure office safety and long-lasting use in your classroom or home thanks to the durable, shatter-resistant design that can flex without breaking.
  • Work faster and more efficiently.
  • Measurements are marked along this school ruler in a high contrast black ink, making it easy to find the measurement you're looking for at a glance.
  • Ideal for any basic scaled measurement tasks as it features both imperial and metric measurements.

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