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FIS Reinforcing Hole Rings

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Brand: FIS

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The FIS Reinforcing Hole Rings

  • Extend the life of your 3-hole punched pages with durable poly-vinyl hole reinforcement labels designed to strengthen and repair standard-size punched holes.
  • Maintain a clean look with clear page FIS Reinforcing Hole Rings stickers that reinforce and repair without covering up any important information.
  • Get enduring reinforcement from these small round sticker labels with permanent self-adhesives that keeps labels in place.
  • Access labels quickly and easily with the handy dispenser that peels each reinforcement sticker off the label roll one by one.
  • Small round labels are perfect for school and office use, as well as crafting projects, planner stickers, art projects, behavior charts, and even DIY manicure stickers.
  • The FIS Reinforcing Hole Rings are used to protect against tearing leaves.
  • Tear-proof, self-adhesive material.
  • Numerous reinforcement rings per pack.
  • Ideal for everyday school and office life.
  • Self-adhesive, super thin poly-vinyl rings repair and strengthen punched holes in paper.
  • Standard hole size labels will not rip or tear.
  • Packaged in an easy-to-use dispenser.

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