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FIS Long Arm Stapler

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Brand: FIS

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The FIS Long Arm Stapler

Meet the ultimate stapler for any home or office. Our FIS Long Arm Stapler has been designed to make you more productive than ever, offering an ample 20 sheets capacity for use with a variety of papers. With a simple and intuitive design, minimal maintenance, and a range of safety features, this is the last stapler you'll ever need.

There are a lot of great staplers out there, but we're not convinced that anything can compete with the reliability and convenience of a long arm. It's perfect for students, office workers, crafters, or anyone needing to use a stapler frequently.

Every office needs a stapler, so organize your team with this one-step stapler! It's easy to install, has a child guard to prevent injuries, and is made of high-quality steel with an anti-wear strip to last a lifetime.

The all-time classic. The time-saving, efficient, and durable staple remover. This versatile FIS Long Arm Stapler can tackle any office project.

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