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Casio HL-4A-W Calculator

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Brand: Casio

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The Casio HL-4A-W Calculator

  • The Casio HL-4A-W Calculator digits have been designed to perform calculations easily.
  • Suitable for students of all ages and for office use.
  • It makes typing comfortable with high sensitivity for a smooth performance.
  • This calculator is designed with daily add, subtract, multiply, divide and backspace functions, suitable for home, office, school, retail store use.
  • High-quality LCD display screen for clear reading.
  • The multi-digit calculation is convenient and practical to use.
  • Plastic button with comfort touch that differs the functions by colors.
  • The Casio HL-4A-W Calculator has a perfect design - based on human habits and comfortable for use, ergonomic button design.
  • Sturdy material for long-lasting use.
  • Pocket Size.
  • 8-Digits.
  • Concave keys with an ergonomic layout for easy and fast operation.
  • Regular keys like Square Root, %, and Memory.

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