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Basics Gouache Colors

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The Basics Gouache Colors

  • Viscous consistency - Our Basics Gouache Colors sticky texture lends itself to precise applications with a controlled, continuous flow of paint. Drying to an exceptionally smooth, even surface with no brush marks.
  • Acrylic gouache pushes opacity to its limits. Each color is individually developed to create the optimum opacity possible for its pigment Type, through a very careful balance of pigment, the amounts used, and particle size distribution.
  • Get a new level of permanence and water resistance not normally seen in a gouache. Because it’s Acrylic, our gouache dries quickly and doesn’t move once dry. You can overpaint without Bleeding and achieve velvety surface effects.
  • Endless possibilities - The Basics Gouache Colors are iconic painting techniques used throughout history and proven to stand the test of time. This set is a perfect introduction to the medium and can be used independently, as mixed media, or before overlaying with traditional oils.
  • Smooth consistency and good coverage.
  • High-quality pigments.
  • 12 colors.

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