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PSI Acrylic Colors

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The PSI Acrylic Colors

  • The PSI Acrylic Colors are vibrant acrylic paint tube colors filled with high-quality rich pigments coloring paints. It can be used for the drawing of hand-painted wall paintings, as well as other decorative paintings. Acrylic paint is not only soluble in water but also soluble in oil painting. It is a very good hand-painted pigment.
  • Safe acrylic paint tubes - non-toxic, harmless to the human body, they are suitable for most paintable surfaces o Stretched Canvas, Wood, Glass, card decorating, plastic, Craft terms, Ceramic, Decorative Wallpaper, Terracotta, Blackboard, easel, Paper, Art Chalk Board and more.
  • Long-lasting & quick-drying - It can be diluted with water to facilitate cleaning; quick-drying. The pigment can be dried in a few minutes after the pen is dropped, and it does not have to wait a few months to finish after the oil painting works. Painters who prefer slow-drying characteristic pigments can use retardants to delay the drying time of the pigments.
  • Safe & sturdy aluminum tube - The PSI Acrylic Colors pigments are packaged in aluminum tubes, which allow faster extrusion of pigments and easier storage of pigments to prevent breakage and volatilization, safer and better than ordinary plastic packaging. Protects the color of the pigment and extends its life of the pigment.

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